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Also, remember to not choose products specifically made to resemble real wood. These impersonators do not provide the important traits associated with “real wooden” gables and, when you stand back and look at your home, you will be able to tell that the cheaper versions of wood gable vents are not the real thing.

A wonderful advantage to installing wood gable vents is that they will add a sense of character to your home by adding depth and personality. Wooden gable vents are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and each come with trim that will match your home’s exterior or, can be used to create a new statement all together..


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Wooden products have offered a burst of tradition for many generations, a flair that typically can not be created with other types of materials. Picture your home with gable vents that are arched or cathedral shaped. Their country charm and sophisticated curves will enhance the tone of your home and be the talk of the neighborhood.

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