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  About us
We, Wood Vent Manufacturing Inc, as a specialized supplier of wood vent products, are pleased to offer a complete line of finished and unfinished wood wall vents, wood floor registers and wood gable vents. These vents and registers are manufactured from most poplar species such as Red oak, White oak, Maple, Brazilian cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Beech, Birch and Cherry. The finest and carefully selected kiln dried hardwood is used for the production and close attention is paid to every detail of the products. These skillfully hand-crafted wooden vents are exceptional in quality and elegance. They add natural and pure beauty of wood to your floors, walls and ceilings, and are sure to brighten up your home.
We supply various types of vents ranging from self-rimming floor vents, flush mount floor registers, baseboard diffusers to air registers, wall vents, ceiling vents, HVAC diffusers, wood gable vents and so on. The wide range of styles, species and sizes enable us to realize most of the applications in your floors, walls and ceilings.
Our extensive research, design and testing of air flow patterns enable us to develop functional vent design that features the best spread and throw pattern of any wood register in the industry. We also boast our competitive strength in new product design and innovation. We can develop vents and registers per your sample or drawing, or even a rough idea. We are always pleased to custom make vents and registers for you.

We welcome your inquiry for our products and are always ready to handle any question you may have.

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