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Wood floor vents
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  Self rimming floor vents
  Baseboard diffusers
  Heat registers
Wood wall vents
  Side wall vents
  Cold air return vents
  Wood air vents
  Wood wall vents
  Wood air grilles
  Wood air registers
  Wood wall registers
  Round air diffusers
Wood gable vents
  Round gable vents
  Half round gable vents
  Square gable vents
  Rectangle gable vents
  Diamond gable vents
  Triangle gable vents
  Right triangle gable vents
  Five side gable vents
  Tombstone gable vents
  Oval gable vents
  Octagonal gable vents

What is a floor register?


Why get new vent covers?


How do floor registers work?


What is a heat register?


What materials are used for a floor register?


What about the designs of wall vents and floor registers?

  7 What is the difference between a grille and a register?
  8 What do you mean when it says with holes or without holes?
  9 If the inside measurement says 10"x 4" do I cut my hole 10"x 4"?
  10 What is the advantage of using aluminum versus cast iron?
  11 Can the grilles be flush mounted into the floor?
  12 Do you make custom sizes?
  13 How do I order a custom size in wood and how long would it take?
  14 How do the louvers attach to the grille?
  15 Can your grilles be used as foundation vents?

How long does it take to receive the vents?


How do I know what size I need?


What colors do you offer?


What species of wood do you offer?


What is a self-rimming vent?


What is a flush-mount vent?


What is a cold-air return?

  23 How do I finish an unfinished register?  

Do I really need an air flow damper?

  25 Why didn't my installer make the floor registers for me?  
  26 Can a flush mount floor register be installed into an existing floor?  
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